Cost-Effective, Environmentally-Friendly Contraband Incinerators for Law Enforcement

Heroin, opioids, marijuana, methamphetamines, drug paraphernalia - you name it - your law enforcement officers are seizing more contraband than ever before. Safeguarding that contraband takes a significant amount of space and creates risks. Many agencies lack a convenient, effective method for disposing of evidence when it is no longer needed.

Does this happen at your agency?

  • Your evidence room is overflowing with contraband.
  • Your law enforcement agency is paying expensive disposal fees.
  • Officers spend hours transporting contraband to distant facilities.
  • You or your citizens are concerned because your agency burns contraband using methods that may be releasing dangerous substances into the air.
  • Your agency receives a small mountain of expired and unwanted prescriptions from citizens.
  • Officers handle contraband tainted with coronavirus and other infectious diseases.
  • Costs keep escalating for storing and safeguarding your contraband.

Firelake incinerators are the perfect solution for the unique needs of law enforcement agencies.

  • Dual-custody compliant. Incineration can only be initiated when materials are in dual-custody; this important safeguard protects officers and the organizations they represent.

  • Easy to operate. Simply load materials to be incinerated, set the timers, and walk away. State-of-the-art controls ensure safe, thorough incineration, then automatic shut-off.

  • Meets federal and state environmental quality requirements. Dual chambers for complete combustion of solids and liquids plus insulated, refractory-lined stacks for emissions compliance. Because requirements vary greatly from municipality to municipality, your incinerator can be designed and manufactured to meet or exceed your requirements, protecting your agency from public criticism or agency fines.

  • Safely destroys coronavirus-tainted items. Incineration temperatures are well above the 165 f / 74 c degree threshold needed to kill coronavirus (ranging from 1,400 – 2,000 f / 760 – 1093 c degrees, depending on the unit and configuration). After incineration, ash and inorganic materials are sterile and inert.

  • Small footprint; big results.  A 4 ft. by 6.5 ft. incinerator can turn 16.5 cubic ft. of contraband into sterile, inert ash in just hours. Organic materials are reduced in weight and volume by over 90% into an inert, sterile ash. Non-organic materials, such as drug paraphernalia are rendered useless and harmless. The ash and remains may be safely discarded in your facility dumpster.

  • Flexible. Process all types of contraband and drugs.

  • Budget-friendly designs. Get all the important features you need without money-wasting bells and whistles.

  • Rugged and long-lasting. Whether you locate your incinerator inside or outside, every Firelake incinerator is built to provide many years of reliable service with nominal maintenance which can be easily performed by your facility’s maintenance staff.

  • Low energy consumption to minimize operating costs. A temperature controller maintains the optimal temperature - ensuring thorough combustion while conserving fuel.

Now your agency can manage contraband disposal costs and make it easy for officers to promptly destroy contraband and evidence.

Contact us today for more information and discover how incineration can make it easy and cost-effective for your agency to manage contraband.

  • Contraband incinerator, Firelake P-16. Contraband incinerator, Firelake P-16.
  • Contraband before incineration. Contraband before incineration.
  • After incineration the contraband is now sterile and harmless. After incineration the contraband is now sterile and harmless.
  • Before: five pounds of marijuana plus paraphernalia. Before: five pounds of marijuana plus paraphernalia.
  • After: a few ounces of inert ash and harmless paraphernalia. After: a few ounces of inert ash and harmless paraphernalia.

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