Equine Incinerators

Durable, large capacity Addfield equine incinerators enable you to cremate promptly onsite.

  • Addfield TB Single Equine Cremator
  • Addfield TB-AB Double Equine Cremator

Robust, reliable, and  efficient,  each of these clean-burning Addfield equine incinerators make it simple to promptly cremate the remains of one or two horses or cows, or mass cremate several smaller animals, each day.

  • Top loading; 2.3 cubic meter load volume for fast, efficient loading
  • Built rugged for years of dependable operation
  • Designed to run reliably all day, every day
  • Fully automated one-touch cremation cycle
  • Easily switch to manual operation using touch screen PLC controller to adjust settings
  • Once started, the incinerator automatically runs through all cycles, including cool down
  • Manage incineration processes more efficiently with instant access to live data including temperature readings and remaining burn time
  • Built-in data logging records key data; USB port makes data retrieval simple; easily import data into Excel
  • Integrated, forced air system improves burn efficiency and reduces fuel consumption
  • After a cremation cycle completes, the integrated forced air system rapidly cools the refractory to dramatically reduce turnaround time
  • Reduces waste to approximately 3% volume ash
  • Virtually odorless and smokeless
  • Afterburn complies with EU legislation
  • Fuel-efficient operation plus thick refractory lining and three layers of insulation
  • Fuel options: diesel, LPG, natural gas, and bio fuel
  • Worldwide support, installation, and training
  • TB-AB Double Equine Cremator can burn up to 100 pounds per hour
  • TB-AB Double Equine Cremator has the ability to cremate 504 horses per year (5 day week)

Contact us today to talk with an incineration specialist about your incineration requirements. Discover whether Addfield incinerators are the right solution for your facility.

  • Addfield TB Single Equine Cremator
  • Addfield TB-AB Double Equine Cremator
  • Triple-insulated, brick-lined refractory with burners firing
  • Automated one-touch start or configure manually with simple, touch screen settings.

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