Incineration Helps a Tiny Remote Town
Solve a Big Problem

The tiny municipality of Deadhorse, Alaska, on the edge of the Arctic Ocean, generates a significant amount of oily shop rags, waste grease, and other oily shop waste. This remote North Slope community supports the busy oil field operations of the nearby Prudhoe Bay oil fields.

At the North Slope, there are limited options for handling oily, greasy waste. The ground is permanently frozen year round, the water table is high, and they are hundreds of miles from waste facilities in Fairbanks and Anchorage.

Onsite incineration with Firelake incinerators delivers big results for Deadhorse, AK:

  • Reduces the amount of waste going into their garbage stream by 95%
  • Quickly and easily turns hazardous waste into a safe ash
  • Significantly reduces the hazards posed by oily waste by incinerating it onsite (versus storage or hauling)
  • Saves money
  • Is easy to use with just 15 minutes of training
  • Provides many, many years of dependable incineration with minor maintenance

Because of the Firelake incinerator's automated features, workers often choose to run the incinerators after hours. After loading up their Firelake incinerators with hundreds of pounds of oily, greasy waste, workers can turn on the incinerators at the end of their shift. All the incineration processes run automatically like clockwork. When incineration is completed the incinerators automatically shut off. When workers return for their next shift, the incinerators have cooled enough for workers to rake the ash out for disposal. In just a few hours, 1,000 pounds of oily waste is reduced to roughly 50 pounds of ash that can be safely disposed of in the regular garbage stream.

Both of the Deadhorse Municipality's Firelake P50 incinerators were customized with 24 inch wide, 40 foot tall, stainless steel vent stacks.

Contact us today to talk with an incineration specialist about your disposal needs.

  • Two, Firelake incinerators installed to handle oily, greasy shop waste from Prudhoe Bay oil fields.
  • Each incinerator has a stainless steel vent stack measuring 24 in. wide by 40 ft. tall. Each stack has burners and fans for thorough combustion and clean emissions.
  • Close up of their heavy-duty vent stacks.
  • Incinerator controllers and monitoring screens.
  • For safety and efficiency each incinerator is lined on all sides including the top with poured refractory material. The counter weight on the back makes it easy to open the top with one hand.
  • Onsite setup is easily completed by their onsite staff.

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