Onsite Medical Waste Incineration at Busy Health Center in Rural Haiti

The Zachary family has served as missionaries in Haiti since 1994, focusing their efforts in the rural village of Cazale and the surrounding mountainous communities. The residents in these rural villages, about an hour northwest of the capital, Port-au-Prince, face significant poverty and hardships.

To support the health of these underserved communities, they co-founded a mission, Real Hope for Haiti, which provides community health and other services. The mission includes Grace of the Good Samaritan Health Center ("Centre Sante de la Grace du Bon Samaritain"), an outpatient medical clinic with a dispensary and a modest lab. Plus, an inpatient rescue center for young children with severe malnutrition and other life-threatening conditions as well as a cholera treatment center. They also provide community health education and community development services. Their dedicated teams serve over a thousand patients each month; many suffering from infections, cholera, and other contagious illnesses.

The landfill serving their area accepts all types of waste but is not equipped to properly handle hazardous medical waste. In 2018, the mission installed a new Firelake A200 incinerator to ensure safe disposal of their growing volume of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, including sharps and red bag waste.

Their Firelake A-200 incinerator is simple to use, easily turns hazardous medical waste into sterile, inert ash, and is cost-effective to operate - the perfect fit for a rural, mission health facility.

  • Waste is reduced by nearly 98%; in less than 4 hours, 200 pounds of medical and other waste is transformed into just 5 pounds of sterile, inert ash
  • Simple one-button operation with automatic shut-off; turn it on and walk away
  • Easy to load and clean
  • Lowest operating cost in the incineration industry
  • Dependable: can run reliably for much more than a decade with simple maintenance
  • Operates unnoticed - no noise, no smoke, no smell; exceeds local emissions standards
  • 200 pound capacity easily meets their current and future needs
  • Rugged design; locate it in the open air or in an enclosure
  • Easy for their clinic maintenance person to install and maintain using basic tools
  • Flexible fuel options: electricity, diesel, LP, or natural gas

Their Firelake incinerator makes it easy for the mission staff to focus on the health and well-being of their patients and community.

Contact us today to talk with an incinerator specialist about your waste disposal concerns.

  • More than 1,000 adults and children are treated each month; many for infectious conditions.
  • A modest lab enables Real Hope for Haiti to effectively treat more patients.
  • Sanitation is a top priority, especially at their cholera clinic.
  • The clinic services rural villages throughout the mountainous areas surrounding Cazale.
  • Patients often walk for hours to reach the clinic; those who are too sick to walk are carried in their bed by loved ones.
  • A Firelake A200 incinerator, similar to the one installed at Real Hope for Haiti, Cazale, Haiti.
  • At left, Firelake A200 incinerator; center: diesel generator; at right, diesel storage tank.
  • Their compact Firelake A200 incinerator has a 42 in. x 65 in. footprint.
  • The sign reads: "THANKS Howard and NW Industrial Equipment". We thank Real Hope for Haiti for the life-saving work they do each and every day.

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