Hospitals & Medical Practice Incinerators for Small - Medium Scale Medical Waste Incineration

The compact Addfield MP-400 incinerator was specially designed to safely incinerate hazardous, high-moisture biological red bag waste. The MP-400 incinerator was designed and sized for facilities that produce small to medium amounts of clinical and medical waste such as hospitals, private surgery practices, cosmetic surgery practices, pharmaceutical manufacturers, research centers, and care homes.

  • Ideal for hospitals with 500 - 800 occupied beds per day
  • Specially designed for red bag and category 2, 3, and 4 waste including waste which contains coronavirus and Ebola virus.
  • Front loading
  • Capacity: 880 lbs. / 400 kg
  • Normal burn rate: 110 lbs. / 50 kg per hour
  • Chamber volume: 1.2 cubic yards / 1 cubic meter
  • Fully automated one-touch incineration; pre-loaded programs are optimized for your facility’s requirements, waste types, and volume; once started, your incinerator automatically runs through all cycles to completion
  • Automated data logging records key data; USB port makes data retrieval simple; easily import data into Excel
  • Internal temperature sensors ensure the chamber reaches a minimum temperature of 2012 f / 1100 c (well above the 165 f / 74 c threshold needed to kill the coronavirus)
  • Hot Hearth technology efficiently recycles heat to ensure complete 360 degree heating - incinerating waste from above and below simultaneously
  • Unrivaled fuel efficiency; 40% reduction in fuel consumption compared to alternatives
  • Fuel options: diesel, LPG, natural gas, and bio fuel
  • Afterburn complies with EU legislation
  • Quality assured; Addfield is ISO:9001:2015 certified

Contact us today to talk with a medical waste incineration specialist about your medical waste disposal requirements.

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