Veterinary Research Facility Incinerator

Veterinary research improves the lives of thousands of large and small farm animals every day.

We installed the Firelake P-77 incinerator at right, at a leading veterinary research facility. Staffed with brilliant veterinarians and PhDs, their teams are dedicated to developing advancements that improve animal health.

Their incinerator exceeded their expectations in every way. They were amazed at how it outperformed their previous disposal method. In less than one week and with less time and effort, they easily completed 10 cremation cycles.

  • Easy to load: top loading with a lid that opens to 95 degrees vertical
  • Easy to operate by any staff member with just 10 minutes of training
  • Time efficient: just a few minutes to load, start, then return to sweep out the sterile ash
  • Automated: automatically runs through each cycle then shuts itself off
  • Reduces volume by 95%
  • Remainder is sterile, inert ash
  • No smell, no smoke: exceeds their local emissions requirements, but more importantly, it's operation is unnoticeable even from just a few yards away
  • Large capacity: 77 cu ft. volume; can process 2,550 pounds in one cycle
  • Convenience: process on-site on your own schedule with minimal effort
  • Space efficient: easily locate the incinerator where you need it; it has a relatively modest footprint and can be located outdoors or indoors.
  • Cost-effective to operate
  • Easy to install with common tools
  • Easy to maintain: existing staff can perform maintenance with minimal training
  • Tax-savings: finance the equipment and the costs associated with installing it (cement pad, etc.)
  • Long-lasting: durable, rugged equipment that runs reliably year after year.
  • American-made

Each Firelake incinerator is custom made to order. Units are assembled using a modular approach to reduce lead times. Firelake Manufacturing has earned a reputation building for well-made, user-friendly equipment that does an excellent job.

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Incinerator during operation


"…everything functions very well. The system has done everything we hoped it would. …one of the more useful tools that we have..."
Facilities Manager


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