Municipal and Camp Waste Incinerators

Manage Your Costs and Dispose Safely, Quickly, and Efficiently

In-house waste disposal is now easier and more cost-effective than ever. Whether you've been outsourcing, using landfill disposal, need to replace burned out equipment, or need to expand your incineration capabilities, you'll find these incinerators affordable, efficient, and dependable.

Incinerators designed for small cities, rural towns and villages, universities, camps, and other organizations which have on-site waste disposal requirements.

Sanitary, Convenient, and Thorough Waste Incineration

Firelake incinerators from Northwest Industrial Equipment are the simple solution to solid and liquid waste incineration. Incinerate waste as fast as it accumulates to avoid theft, spreading disease, and attracting pests. Reduce waste by 95% to sterile ash and brittle fragments. Your incinerator specialist will talk with you about your operation in order to configure an incineration system that meets all of your needs.

Our waste incinerators have many of the benefits of high-priced systems yet are within the budget of most organizations.

  • Designed for safe, easy operation with simple-to-use controls.
  • Easy to use… Set the timers and walk away.
  • Sized to fit your organization's needs, from 200 - 1,650 pounds.
  • Reduce 200 lbs to just 10 lbs. of sterile ash and brittle fragments in a few hours.
  • Durable, dependable, and long-lasting.
  • Easily process more volume that your current method allows.
  • Compliant with your local regulatory laws.
  • Incineration temperatures are well above the 165 f / 74 c degree threshold needed to kill coronavirus (ranging from 1,400 – 2,000 f / 760 – 1093 c degrees, depending on the unit and configuration).
  • Fuel efficient and available with LP, natural gas, or oil burners.
  • Built by specialists in incinerator systems.
  • Recirculating flue gases assure clean operation.
  • Minimal installation and setup with common tools.

Control Costs and Reduce Your Waste Stream with Easy to Install and Use Incinerators

Whether you are new to incineration or experienced, these incinerators are simple to setup with common tools. In most cases the incinerator is installed and ready-to-use in just a few hours. If you have installation or operation questions, contact us for factory authorized technical support. Every incinerator is covered by a 1-year factory warranty. We sell incinerator parts for Firelake and Shenandoah brand incinerators model years 1980 and newer.

Contact us today to talk with a municipal and camp waste incineration specialist.

  • Easily incinerate up to 1,650 lbs of waste and contraband in just a few hours. Setup your incinerator indoors or outdoors.
  • Factory poured concrete means your incinerator easily reaches and maintains high temperatures for efficient incineration.

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