Full-Service Haiti Eye Clinic Safely Disposes of Medical Waste with Onsite Incinerator

Every Eye Will See Him Ministries is dedicated to changing lives through their eye center, medical center, and micro-loan programs. Their compound is located near Cap-Haitien in northern Haiti, just a couple of miles from the Caribbean Sea.

Their full-service eye center provides all types of eye care including cataract surgery. Residents travel from near and far for eye and health care. Plus, Every Eye Will See Him Ministries health care teams regularly visit outlying areas to bring routine eye care and medical care to people in villages where travel to town is difficult.

The ministry designed and built a comprehensive facility that includes their eye center, medical center, apartment building, and guest hostel. They installed solar panels for supplemental electricity. Their Firelake incinerator makes it easy to safely dispose of all medical waste on-site.

The clinic incinerator turns all of its medical waste, including red bag waste, into inert ash. All pathogens are rendered harmless. Medical supplies like sharps are melted and rendered useless. In regions of the world where earning an income is difficult, it's common for people to scour dumpsites for garbage that they can sell. It’s not uncommon for sharps to be washed and resold. This activity carries high risks for those who go through the waste and the patients of practitioners who use second-hand supplies. On-site incineration eliminates this issue and promotes safety.

The ministry's A200 Firelake incinerator was cost-effective to purchase, easy to install, and is simple to operate and maintain.

  • Firelake incinerators include many of the benefits of high-priced systems yet are easily within the budget of most small organizations. Plus, the incinerators are energy-efficient and have the lowest operating costs in the industry.
  • Recirculating flue gasses mean clean operation free of smell or smoke.
  • Easy-to-use controls make it simple to operate with just 15 minutes of training. Just fill, press a button, then walk away. The incinerator automatically runs through each cycle then shuts itself off. After cool down, ash removal is simple.
  • With a capacity of 200 pounds and 6.3 cubic feet, the ministry can easily process all of their medical waste in their incinerator.  
  • Waste is reduced in volume by at least 90 percent; 200 pounds of medical waste becomes less than 20 pounds of inert ash.
  • Designed by incinerator specialists, the incinerator is energy efficient, easy to load, and easy to cleanout.
  • Easy to install and maintain by ministry staff using common tools they already own.
  • Built to last; the incinerator is rugged and durable. Firelake incinerators typically run reliably for more than a decade and often for two decades.
  • Versatile fuel options. Available with LP, natural gas, or oil burners.
  • Firelake incinerators have a compact footprint and can be placed outdoors in the open air, in a small enclosure, or indoors.

Contact us today to talk with an incinerator specialist about your waste disposal needs.

  • The Ministry’s dedicated and skilled Haitian team provides the majority of their eye and medical care.
  • Eye surgery.
  • New eyeglasses open up the world.
  • Outreach eye and medical care in an outlying village.
  • Solar panels on the eye center building with the medical center building in the background.
  • An A200 Firelake incinerator like the one at Every Eye Will See Him Ministries in Haiti.

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