Onsite Medical Waste Incineration at a Rural Hospital in Haiti

In March 2017, Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB) opened the Bishop Joseph M. Sullivan Center for Health (BJSH), a model sustainable rural hospital in Cotes-de-Fer, Haiti. Until that time, the nearest hospital was a three hour journey over difficult terrain - an impossible trek for most residents.

In addition to building the infrastructure to provide excellent healthcare for the community, they installed an A-400 Firelake incinerator to safely dispose of the hospital and clinic medical waste. With its emergency room, delivery room, operating room, maternity ward, and pharmacy, this rural hospital serves the medical and health needs of more than 50,000 residents. Due to their remote location, safe on-site disposable of their medical waste was a necessity.

Their A-400 Firelake incinerator makes it easy to safely dispose of all of the health center's waste.

  • Effective. Turns 400 pounds of medical waste into less than 8 pounds of sterile, inert ash.
  • Safe. Recirculating flue gasses and high temperatures ensure sterile ash and clean emissions.
  • Simple to use. Load, set the timer, and walk away; incinerator shuts off automatically.
  • Versatile. Designed to insure total burnout of solid and liquid wastes.
  • Compact: 4.75 feet wide x 5.9 feet long
  • Excellent value. A budget-friendly incinerator with the features of expensive incineration systems.
  • Durable. Built by incinerator specialists to last for decades.
  • Lowest operating costs in the industry. Insulated and lined chambers and stacks retain heat, control emissions, and extend the working life.
  • Easy to install and maintain with common tools.
  • Permit and compliance assistance provided at no cost.
  • Choice of fuels: diesel, LP, and natural gas

Because of CMMB, their partners, and the dedicated staff of the BJSH hospital and medical outreach programs, the health and lives of the Cotes-de-Fer community have been transformed.

Contact us today to talk with an incineration specialist about waste disposal for your facility or organization.

  • The BJSH sustainable rural hospital, Haiti.
  • Firelake A-400 medical waste incinerator.
  • The A-400 provides for safe incineration at BJSH.

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