Medical Waste Incinerators
for Clinics and Small Hospitals

Lower Your Costs and Dispose of Medical Waste Safely, Quickly, and Efficiently

Is it time to upgrade your waste disposal practices? If your waste disposal methods have fallen behind current standards or your volume has increased - discover how you can lower costs while disposing of your medical waste safely, quickly, and efficiently.

  • Infectious waste, including waste containing the Ebola virus and coronavirus (which can lead to COVID-19)
  • "Red bag" waste
  • Type 4 pathological waste
  • Other waste

Onsite incineration with Firelake incinerators is designed for medical clinics and hospitals up to 400 beds, in urban, rural, and remote locations. These incinerators will provide you with the least expensive way to bring your clinic or hospital into current regulatory compliance for proper disposal of all your medical waste including red bag, Ebola virus-associated waste, and other infectious waste material.

Firelake incinerators from Northwest Industrial Equipment are the simple, cost effective medical waste solution. Your medical waste incineration specialist will talk with you about your clinic or hospital in order to configure incinerator(s) to meet your needs. You will be able to reduce your medical waste, including infectious waste, in a way that immediately eliminates the potential for spreading disease, is environmentally appropriate, and surprisingly cost effective. Your new incinerators will reduce your infectious waste by 95% and turn it into sterile ash in just a few hours with minimal operator involvement. Firelake incinerators from Northwest Industrial Equipment are the simple solution to solid and liquid medical waste disposal.

Our medical waste incinerators include many benefits of high-priced systems yet are within the budgets of small facilities.

  • Controls the spiraling cost of infectious waste disposal with simple, reliable, on-site technology.
  • Lowest incineration equipment operating costs in the industry.
  • Safely and quickly reduces infectious waste, including Ebola related waste, coronavirus waste, and other waste by 95%; turning it into sterile ash in just hours.
  • Incineration temperatures are well above the 165 f / 74 c temperature needed to kill coronavirus (typically 1,400 – 2,000 f / 760 – 1093 c degrees, depending on the unit and configuration).
  • Easy to use… set timers and walk away.
  • Designed for safe, easy operation with state-of–the-art controls.
  • Fuel efficient and available in your choice of fuels: #1 or #2 fuel oil, LP, or natural gas.
  • Designed to meet air quality regulations with dual chamber combustion.
  • Built by a leading supplier to the health services industry by specialists in small incinerator systems.
  • Minimal installation and setup with common tools.
  • Durable, dependable, and long-lasting.
  • Backed by knowledgeable, friendly, factory authorized service.

Control Costs and Reduce Your Waste Stream with Easy to Install and Use Incinerators

Onsite incinerators are simple to setup with common tools and in most cases can be installed and ready-to-use in just a few hours. If you have installation or operation questions contact us for factory authorized technical support. Every incinerator is covered by a 1-year factory warranty.

We sell incinerator parts for Firelake and Shenandoah brand incinerators model years 1980 and newer.

Contact us today to talk with a medical waste incineration specialist about your clinic or hospital waste disposal needs.

  • Medical waste incinerator features three burners for safe, sterile, compliant waste stream reduction.
  • Easy-to-use control panel automates waste reduction with minimal operator involvement.

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