Incineration Halts Spread of Agriculture Diseases

Government Crop Diversification Center Uses Incineration

The Alberta Provincial Government's Crop Diversification Center in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada now uses a Firelake incinerator to incinerate diseased plants, soil, and growing pots. They incinerate various plant specimens that are no longer needed or are diseased. Plant and other materials from plant studies are incinerated. They are a seed repository and incinerate seeds that do not meet their requirements. Incineration also insures there is no cross pollination of any plants that do not meet their seed requirements.

Incineration is Easy, Safe, and Convenient

The new incineration system was easy to setup with a few basic tools. Operation is simple - simply load the materials for incineration and turn on the incinerator. The incinerator turns off automatically upon completion. Incinerated materials are reduced in volume by about 90%. A few hours later, after the chamber has cooled, the resulting sterile ash is easily removed from the incineration chamber and is safe to dispose of with any other waste.

Rich History in Alberta's Crop Research

The Crop Diversification Centre is an applied research station and has been a part crop research in Alberta for more than 50 years. The Centre boasts highly skilled researchers and technicians. The site is divided into 76 land sections for research and demonstration plus it has greenhouses, laboratories, meeting facilities, and extensive irrigation capabilities. The Centre has operated numerous programs and projects on special crops, crop varieties, and diversified production. Currently, the focus is primarily on pulses, potatoes, apiculture, crops for bio-industrial uses, and crops for natural health products.

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  • Crop center incinerates materials including diseased plants, soils, seeds, and pots.
  • Easy to read control panel makes it easy to start incineration and monitor progress.
  • The incinerator is easy to setup with a few basic tools. It is designed and built to be housed outdoors. Recirculating flue gases assure clean operation.
  • Roomy interior chamber is easy to load and empty.
  • The incinerator is easy to load and empty. Open the top hatch to load. Use side hatch to unload sterile ash.

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