Clinic Incinerator in Gressier, Haiti

The small city of Gressier, Haiti, population 75,000, is just 12.5 miles from Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. On January 12, 2010, a massive earthquake destroyed more than 40 percent of the buildings in Gressier. Most of the island was similarly devastated. Among the casualties in Gressier, the Haiti Health Ministries clinic was completely destroyed.   

In 2013, at a new location, Haiti Health Ministries opened their beautiful, new, earthquake and hurricane resistant clinic. Their dedicated staff of Haitian and expatriate doctors, nurse practitioners, prenatal care consultants, and wound care consultants sees a growing number of patients each year. Patients seek treatment for a wide range of conditions, from malaria and cholera to diabetes, accident injuries, and prenatal care. No patient is turned away due to inability to pay. The clinic operates a pharmacy and provides patient care, patient education, laboratory services, sonography, radiology, and minor surgery. In 2018, they cared for 150 - 200 patients per day; up 35 percent from 2017.

Safe, cost-effective medical waste disposal was important, so the Ministry selected a dependable Firelake A200 LP (propane) incinerator system. It will easily handle their growing waste requirements for many years as their clinic sees more and more patients.  

  • Effective. In less than 12 hours, the incinerator reduces 200 pounds of medical waste, including hazardous medical waste, to less than 5 pounds of sterile, inert ash.
  • Easy to operate. Load the incinerator, set the burn time and walk away. The incinerator shuts off automatically.
  • Easy to load and unload. The counter-balanced fill door is easy to open and close. After incineration, sterile ash is easy to remove through a lower door.
  • Lowest operating costs in the industry. Insulated, refractory-lined chambers and stacks, as well as its recirculating flue gases, make the incinerator very energy efficient. Maintenance costs are negligible.
  • Easy to manage and maintain. Train a staff person in less than 15 minutes. Can be easily maintained by their current facilities maintenance person using common tools.
  • Built to last by incinerator experts; runs reliably year after year with modest maintenance.
  • Clean running. No smell or visible smoke; no one will notice it is running.
  • Permit and compliance assistance provided at no cost to ensure the incinerator meets or exceeds the jurisdiction code requirements.
  • Easy assembly onsite by their facilities maintenance person with common tools; no specialized knowledge required.
  • Select your fuel: LP, natural gas, or fuel oil.

Contact us today to talk with an incinerator specialist about a long-lasting, easy-to-use and maintain incinerator system for your facility.

  • Haiti Health Ministries compound, Gressier, Haiti.
  • Firelake A200 incinerator installed in its new enclosure.
  • Firelake incinerators are weather resistant; this enclosure keeps it safe from mischief-makers.

"…We love our incinerator.  
It is working great."

- S.W., Clinic Administrator
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